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Curvy Yoga



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About this class

Curvy Yoga is an accessible, body-positive practice where we explore yoga inclusive of our beautiful and bodacious curves! Through a variety of styles and down-to-earth, fun conversation, students learn to make peace with the parts of themselves that have felt like a hurdle they needed to work around, and experience the joy of practicing with everything they bring to the mat! Students learn to shed self-criticism and make way for a healthy self-image, find community in sharing space with other curvacious babes, and learn appropriate modifications for every shape and size that will turn even the most frustrating of postures into nurturing and safe alignment-based movements.

Each class begins with 5-8 minutes of dialogue around the class theme, or dharma. Then we move into some breath work to get centered and grounded. The asana/movement practice begins with some gentle warm-up of the joints and spine, usually seated or on the floor, after which the class moves through standing sequences, balance work, in addition to some slow flow. Toward the end of class, we return to the floor for some supine poses, calm breathing, and finally, our resting pose.

Students should be comfortable going from the floor to standing with general ease. While walls and props will be used, the pace of the class is most comfortable for those who can make this transition. Additionally, students should have enough stamina to walk a city block at an average pace.

Who is this activity designed for?

This class is designed for students in overall bigger bodies, as well as those with bigger or curvier parts (eg: large breasts, wide hips, etc.), who have felt unseen or ignored during previous attempts at yoga. It's a great class for those that want to try yoga but are afraid of going to a studio, or those that feel studio classes are “only for skinny, flexible people.”

Curvy Yoga is also a wonderful space for fat people looking to be in community with other fat people. We talk about being in a relationship with our bodies, and all the “stuff” that comes up from that, and each student is encouraged to be where ever they are on their own path of body love. Curvy Yoga does not assume students “love their bodies.” Rather, it encourages students to be where they are without judgment.

What is provided?

There are plenty of mats, blanket, straps and chairs to use, but a limited number of blocks and bolsters. If you have your own, please feel free to bring them!

What should you bring?

If you have your own, please bring a yoga mat, two yoga blocks, a bolster, a sturdy blanket, and a yoga strap (pref 8’). Water bottle and towel optional.

When is this class?

Where we'll be

The Sage Center for Wellness is located in the heart of Beaverton, just south of Farmington Rd. on Watson Ave.