Goat Yoga

Saturdays and Sundays •

$65 per class

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Led by Lainey

I'm originally from Michigan but have lived in Oregon for the past 12 years working in marketing and freelance photography. When I created Goat Yoga, it went viral and took over my life! I quit my full time job to develop the business and bring this therapeutic experience to as many people as possible. I believe Goat Yoga is a form of animal-assisted therapy, and I've been working to expand this movement across the United States. I now have seven locations with more in the works.

Lainey lives in the Willamette Valley on "No Regrets Farm" with 13 goats, four chickens, and four barn cats.

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Goat Yoga is an all-levels yoga class where you are surrounded by loving mini goats. It's about disconnecting from day to day stress and focusing on happy vibes. It can be as easy or challenging as you'd like. Goat Yoga is our take on animal-assisted therapy. It's about getting out in nature, bonding with animals, and getting some exercise to boot. It's fun, therapeutic, calm, and joyful.


Who is this activity designed for?

This class is designed for adventurous, fun, animal lovers who love to be out in nature.

What is provided?

Guided yoga instruction, along with mats, goats, and lots of laughter. What more could you want?

What should you bring?

Bring your phone for photos, some warm comfortable clothes, and picture ID. We also recommend wearing tennis shoes or boots so you don’t step in anything!

When is this class?

Saturdays and Sundays


Where we meet

Goat Yoga Oregon City

Lainey's Upcoming Classes

There's no upcoming classes right now, check back soon!