People of Color Hike

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Led by Rikeem

I'm just a southern dude who loves the outdoors. By day, I’m a biologist with nine years of experience working with birds, plants, and fish. That basically means I can bore people with random facts about plants and animals on the trail.

Besides being an amateur hiker, I'm also a mediocre rock climber, a so-so chess player, a middle-of-the-road cook, and an average runner. I try to have my hands in a lot of things, and my goal is to eventually become an expert in at least one of them!

Rikeem lives in Vancouver with his roommate and climbing partner.

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If you’re a person of color and an unlikely hiker, People of Color Hike is for you. Explore a new trail with me and others at an easy pace. Breathe fresh air, meet new people, and get inspired by the great outdoors.

I started this group in hopes of getting more people of color outside. The Pacific Northwest is such a beautiful place that everyone should get to enjoy. My job has fostered a joy of being in nature, and I’d like to be able to pass that on to other people like myself.


Who is this activity designed for?

People of color interested in getting to know the outdoors. Ages range widely.

What is provided?

I usually bring hand warmers when it’s cold. Other than that, all I provide is witty banter. :)

What should you bring?

Weather-ready but breathable clothes and sturdy footwear, water, and trekking poles for extra support (if needed).

When is this class


Rikeem's Upcoming Classes

Saturday, Jun 2
9:00am at Gateway TC


Saturday, Jun 9
9:00am at Gateway TC


Saturday, Jun 16
9:00am at Gateway TC


Saturday, Jun 23
9:00am at Gateway TC


Saturday, Jun 30
9:00am at Gateway TC