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About Britan

Hi! I’m Britan and I’ve been dancing since I could walk. What started as a hobby at home moved to a passion in the streets of LA: freestyling in the park with friends and hosting battles around the city. I began taking classes in high school to learn how to control my movements and expand my movement dictionary. Then, after years of performance on stage, I discovered my ultimate dance passion: choreography and teaching. I love sharing my art with people who want to learn, grow, and be a part of something greater than themselves.

Britan lives in SE Portland with a roommate and his dog, Isys.


I’ve been dancing since I could walk. I now have 5+ years of experience teaching around the country, from studios and dance teams to musical artists and school programs.



Favorite food

Thai food

Currently listening to

“Ctrl” by SZA

Least favorite workout move

Bear crawls. I hate being on my hands!


My awesome dog, Isys.