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About Emily

Hi, I am Emily! I live in SE Portland with my partner and second-hand cat, Koshka. I’m a book nerd, a meditation junkie, and cat enthusiast. I'm also the kid who used to hide during gym class so they couldn't make me run around the track. In college, I started working out for stress relief, and that eventually led me to train and compete in Mixed Martial Arts and jiu-jitsu. I was a world-ranked professional MMA athlete at the time that I retired due to injury.

That led me to shift my focus from combat sports to lifting weights and eventually to opening Bold & Badass Fitness, a gym that specializes in body-positive and queer-friendly boot camps and powerlifting classes. We focus on making strength training fun and accessible - not the "go hard or go home" bros club that the industry can often be.

I fell in love with powerlifting because I adore the way that being strong feels - and in a female body, being strong can be a radical act! I love sharing that excitement with others and showing them that they can be stronger than they think.


I've been coaching strength and fitness for four years and have worked with hundreds of athletes, including a team of competitive powerlifters. During my MMA career I was undefeated as a professional, ranked #11 in the world in my division, and ranked #1 in the Pacific Northwest (all divisions, female). My certifications include TFW Level 2 and USA Powerlifting Club Coach.



Favorite food

I'll take a big plate of nachos with barbacoa please!

Currently listening to

I'm shotgunning audiobooks every moment that my headphones are in.

Least favorite workout move

Bulgarian split squats... or maybe just squats in general. I'm more of a bench press kinda lady.