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About Rodrigo

Oi! Hi, my name is Rodrigo. I’m a Happiness Evolutionist from Brazil, which means I believe we are ever-evolving beings who can choose our feelings.

Brazilian culture is characterized by regular, joy-filled family gatherings, a carefree lifestyle that prioritizes people over appointments, and never-ending celebrations with their community. A part of this culture I’m passionate about is Forró dance. Some friends and I used to go to Forró parties and I quickly realized that I could meet and connect with more people if I danced, so I lost my shyness and did it! Many years later, I am teaching others the joy of Forró! In my classes, I share how inviting and warm Forró is. The goal is not to be the best dancer, but simply move your body following simple steps and to have fun!

I also didn't use to like meditation. I never understood the idea of being still; doing nothing. It wasn't until 2010, when I had the opportunity to live in India, that I truly learned what meditation meant and how much it can help us. Now I am on the quest to share this magical practice with others so we can learn how to be calmer and compassionate with each other.

Whether through leading dance or mediation classes or through professional coaching (I’m a certified Life and Happiness coach) my goal in life is to help people find greater joy and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. Let’s find happiness together!

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I started learning Forró dance about 20 years ago in São Paulo, Southeast Brazil, and have been leading others in instruction since 2012. I am also a certified Life & Happiness coach.

In addition, I have been meditating since 2010 and supporting others to have a regular practice. I took courses on meditation in Nepal in 2010, and in São Paulo, Brazil in 2011.