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About Shannan

Hi there! I'm Shannan—a whimsical, body positive, witchy, stand-up comedian empath who allows Synchronicity to help me in all aspects of life.

I have had so many back and forths in life being comfortable and uncomfortable in my body. I grew up taller than everyone my age, and it wasn't until I found ballet and Jazz dance at age eight that I learned how to feel comfortable in my own body. With dance, I could make my body move in ways that were graceful and made me feel confident. And I loved it. After I had children, I developed Hashimoto's disease, which made me feel like I had been hit by a truck...every single day. I became very uncomfortable in my new body and developed a lot of anxiety doing any form of movement in public, even activities as simple as walking to my car through a parking lot.

Eventually, after getting my disease under control, I started to take more chances and step out of my comfort zone—one tiny step at a time. These tiny steps led me to be able to walk one block, then two, then, before I knew it, I was walking all over the city and feeling pretty great about it. Some days I still have a hard time, and those days, I take it easy on myself because it's ok. Synchronicity walks are my new form of dancing—something that makes me feel comfortable in myself—alive and free.

Shannan lives in Downtown Vancouver with her husband and three children. She is an equal parts cat and dog person.


Unofficially, I've been leading Synchronicity walks for about a year. After finding out about the walks being led in London, I wanted to find ones here but couldn't, so I decided to start doing them myself. I started really leading them in April 2018. They are a fun way to explore the city, move around a bit, and gain some knowledge about Synchronicity. Whether you believe in it or not, it's a fun concept to practice, observe, and learn more about yourself and the way you see the world!



Favorite food

Sushi, Indian, JianBing (those Chinese street crepes)

Currently listening to

Childish Gambino, Call Your Girlfriend Podcast, Prince, and an 80's mix.

Least favorite workout