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About Sharon

I'm Sharon, aka "Afrovivalist." I'm on a mission to change the way people think about being self-sufficient and to help others be prepared for the unexpected! As I was learning how to prepare for Cascadia Earthquake, the "Big One" I realized that I needed to learn how to survive in the wilderness just in case I have to abandon my home due to damage from the earthquake. So, I took a archery class with the emphasis on outdoor survival and fell in love.

I grew up a country girl catching snakes, riding horses, and enjoying the great outdoors every day. For me, archery is both relaxing and empowering. When I have a bow in my hands, it forces me to be still, control my breathing, and clear my mind—it's my form of therapy.


I have 5 years experience showing and teaching others the skill of archery. Now, I am a Level 1 Archery Instructor. I love teaching because it always brings a smile to the person behind the bow.



Favorite food

Buffalo steak. Yummmmm!

Currently listening to

Chasing Fifty podcast