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About Virginia

Hi, I'm Virginia! From an early age, I have always been attracted to the fun and syncopated rhythms of Afro-Cuban drumming, singing, and dancing of my native Cuba. I am passionate about my heritage and enjoy expressing my passion through music. I still travel regularly to Cuba to study percussion and the songs of my roots. What I play, sing, and dance is a way for me to share the beauty and joy of Afro-Cuban music.

My purpose is to lift people’s spirits and to increase the public’s understanding of the range, beauty, and depth of Afro-Cuban culture and music.


I am a singer and percussionist that has studied with world famous Cuban drummers and song teachers. I am an experienced drum teacher myself, having taught Cuban music in the Portland area for about 20 years! I've had the privilege to direct the Melao de Cuba Salsa Orchestra since 2005, and I also created and directed the Mambo Queens Drum Orchestra in the early '90s, which performed in the Metro area of Portland, Oregon for over a decade.



Favorite food

Mangos and avocados

Currently listening to

Afro-Cuban All Stars, Celia Cruz